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24 April 2016

Welcome to the next stop of the giveaway!  The end of the year is approaching and this can be a SUPER hard time to keep kids engaged! I love the end of the year because we finally have time for all of those activities I wanted to get to but just didn't have the time throughout the year.  SOOOO after catching up on the science experiments, math extensions, and iPad activities here are a few more ways to get your kids to keep working until the very last day! Plus a giveaway! 

I can NOT take credit for this one but absolutely love it in my class! It is a 21 day count down with balloons!  (21 days because I have 21 kiddos) Everyday I choose one child to pop the balloon.  Inside the balloon are activities and events that are going to happen that day.  Now in my class the kicker is you have to earn the activity.  We wait to do the activity at the end of the day.  Each child has to work hard and earn their right to do the activity.  This give each individual a little boost of work ethic because as we all know it is starting to disappear within all of us as summer approaches!  Thank you Miss5th for this great idea!! 
Go to my TPT store for the FREE activities to put inside the balloons! 

In our school our year books come in the middle of the year and not everyone gets one!  Therefore many of the students do not have a keepsake for that year.  An end of the year flap book is a perfect way to get you kiddos to keep writing, make goals, reflect about the year, and have a keep sake!  
My kiddos print old pictures for our iPads that we have taken throughout the year as well as take new ones to add to the lap book!  They are black and white but so are many year books!

After our lap books are complete they are able to get autographs from their peers on the back!
Get the Free lap books at our TPT store! 

Many times throughout the year we would love to get to art however there is just not enough time in the day!  As the year comes to an end we have some time!  Learn about artists. You have to have a worksheet or a test!  Watch a brain pop video, talk about the art- let them loose!  
We talked about Michelangelo!  He painted the Sistine Chapel.. So what did we do?  Painted under our desks' with water colors!

andddd hung our masterpieces on the ceiling! 

We also briefly talked about Vincent Van Gogh and painted a picture of "The Starry Night."  That is an all time favorite! Artist are perfect for the end of the year because you need little to no resources!

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  1. The artist study is a great idea! I love that you let them paint underneath their desks. Very cool.

    Thank you for participating in the hop!

    Cait's Cool School

  2. I love the balloon idea! Thank you for your great ideas!

  3. Love, love, love that lap book freebie!! Thank you!!

  4. We love the balloon pop! It's always a kid favorite! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I enjoyed reading about your yearbook lapbook. It's engaging and a great review of all the fun your students have had throughout the year!

    Sugar Cube Learning

  6. Love the art project idea! This is such an engaging lesson for kids and I know they would love the idea of painting like Michangelo!

  7. The art project sounds so fun! I can't wait to try it out! Thanks!!

  8. Thanks for the balloon idea and freebie! I just downloaded it. :)


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