Integrating technology with QR CODES!!!

05 February 2016
I have been QR Code Crazyyyy!!! We love checking our work in the class!! Having that immediate feedback is great for children!  Check out a few of my products on . But, I have had many people ask how to make the QR codes themselves.  It is super easy so I thought I would show you how!
Many times we will play a game of scoot whether it be in math practicing our facts, vocabulary words, grammar skills, reading strategies, etc.  We always check our work!  Once we finish playing the game we will either get into pairs and use 1:2 with iPads or we are able to borrow iPads from other classrooms so we are 1:1, you could also do it as a group!  I have the kids go around and check each of their answers.  They put a star next to the ones they got right or a circle around the ones they got wrong. Then they have to go back and fix the wrong ones.  Such a great way for them to see their own progress!  The kids love it because they feel like they are the teachers!  I have bundles of QR codes already made in my TPT store but here is a short tutorial on how to make them yourselves.

1. Decide what you are going to be QR coding.  It could be a website, video, link, picture, ect.
2. QR coding a website, video, or link is super easy.  ALL you have to do is copy and paste!

Step one: open  You don't have to sign up, pay, or even put in an email address!! It is truly amazing!

step two:  Copy and paste your website, link, or video link into the text box.  Hit enter and a QR code will appear.  Copy and paste the QR code into a word document! WALA!

Your kids will be independently be working or researching in no time!

If you would like students to check answers:  Just type in an answer or a secret message by hitting plain text.

Then type in the answer or message here:

Hit enter and your QR code will appear.  Copy and paste it to your document!

PICTURES or ANSWER cards can be a little more tricky BUT still very simple.

 Step one: You have to make sure you are creating a link to the answer. Sometimes you can find a picture on google of the answer for example if you wanted the answer to say verb you could google the word verb.  Then copy and paste the link into But if you can not find a picture on google or you want the answer cards to match the question cards you can do it this way.

First create the question card and the answer card.
Question card

                                            answer card
Step two:  I like to use photo bucket to upload my answer card with a link.  ( I screen shot instead of saving each individual one.  Wayyy faster!) is free!  Log into photo bucket. 

click on upload to upload your photos or answer cards.  (find your screen shot)
Once your picture is uploaded you are going to click on the box that says direct.  This is going to give you a link to put into 
Once you have copied the link go to to enter your QR code.  Copy and past QR code onto question card!  

Lots of steps but super easy and the kids absolutely love them!  Great way to integrate technology into a lesson!


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