2016 French Lick Blogger Meet Up

26 March 2016

In March we decided to take a HUGE leap and participate in a blogger meet up, and let me tell you what.  IT WAS AMAZING!  We were both very nervous to get out of our small town comfort zone but we did and we met some GREAT people.

On that Friday, I took off work (and had to prepare for my very first substitute teacher. Which was tricky!  Especially with flexible seating and daily five!) Anyways I took off work so we could drive to French Lick Indiana.  We only had a 3 hour drive which wasn't so bad with Erin from Erin's Ink  and Katie Mense from Little Warriors.

As soon as we pulled up to this beautiful resort we saw our roomies!  Now we met our roommate on the Facebook group page.  Therefore, we were both extremely nervous about finding them, liking them, hanging out with them...the whole 9 yards.  BUT we could not have met a better group of people!  I have truly made new friends that I hope we stay in touch with! It is so hard to find people who you click with, have similar ideas with, and enjoy hanging out with but we found them! Hanna Friend from The Friendly Teacher, Megan Porter Mitchell from First Grade Roars, and Kayla (blog in construction) were our lovely roommates!

Back to when we pulled up!  It was so bizarre... We are getting asked to vale and I turn my head for a second and I said "HEY  I THINK THAT'S HANNAH!"  So we ran into the hotel so we didn't lose her because my phone just died and we had no other way of getting a hold of her!  Sure enough it was  them.  Couldn't have been any better!

That night we all went to the casino.  It was Jessica's first time at a casino and she won $6!  She was very excited after she watched us all lose our money! :)

The next morning we were able to sleep in, which was almost the best part considering I have not slept past 7 since Raelynn was born!  She is now 15 months!!  As much as I missed her we all need a good get away sometimes. 

On Saturday, we had a full day of fun!  We began with entering the amazingly decorated room by Holly Ehle from Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten Connections  and her team. We were excited to get our name tags.  
Holly introduced people and we watched several great videos!  
Here is one that I suggest watching.  Great inspiration!

Because there were soooo many people, we did an activity to introduce everyone.  Every table received a letter.  Everyone at the table put their name and blog name on the letter. Then one person from the table would introduce the table.  Eventually, the letters spelled out ......
This was our theme for the weekend. This quote has been in my head ever since.  Great motivation.  
After we were all introduced we participated in a series of round table discussions.  Many different topics! We were strategizing were to go because there were so many we wanted to go to!  

After our round tables we moved onto a teacher tool swap!  
I got thank you notes and felt tip markers! :)

Then we moved on to our SWAG give away!  Jessica got a new Pencil Sharpener!  I was a bit jealous! (our Jelly my 3rd graders would say!)

But we all left with our SWAG bags!!  

Afterwards we ate and started getting ready to PARTAAA.  We all dressed up in our 80's gear!  It was a blast! 

We had a blast at the French Lick Blogger Retreat!  We can't wait for next year to go back and meet more people!!

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Check out our linky.  There are so many other blogs with great posts about the meet up!


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