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07 April 2016

It is that time of year for GREAT science experiments with nature.  We started our unit out with comparing living and nonliving things.  We read a comprehension paper about comparing the two.  Then we moved onto our first science experiment!  We compared earthworms to gummy worms!  
I integrated the scientific method into our science experiment as well! We had some great conversations!  I made sure to really reiterate living things can grow, reproduce, and respond.  Where as nonliving things do not!  They had a blast!  

Then the following day we moved onto a comprehension page about living things.  We were eager to move onto our booklets about each animal classification!!  Which came the next day.  In our package TPT you will see a lot of different things in the package. This is because we (as in Ashley & Jessica) did this in TWO separate classrooms!  We both did things a little differently.  Which was so cool to talk about what worked well and what didn't.  We know each classroom is different therefore, there a multiple different forms of information.  Use what works for your classroom.  

Okay in my third grade class we are huge daily five advocates!  My kids are so good at working independently and managing their own learning!  Which makes group work so easy to do!  They are so good at working together!  They collaborate, connect, and debate.  It is truly amazing!  Therefore we did our animal classification booklets in groups.  We had about 4 kids to a group.  We did one station a day.  At each station a child had a animal classification booklet along with their recording booklet. The recording booklet they kept for the entire unit.  They used their recording booklet for each classification.  
We have science for a half hour each day.  Therefore, each day we did one station.  After they were finished reading and recording we met at the carpet and talked about things they learned it went great!

I moseyed around the room and listen to kids read, record, debate, and collaborate! 

Here are our booklets we used as well as the recording booklets. We love recording booklets!  They are text dependent questions all in one book and they love to decorate them afterwards!

The kiddos' favorite part were the wonderful pictures from Strawberry Shake .

Jessica wanted to make this more of a informational writing unit!  Which went fantastic!  She grouped children into groups of about 5.  Every group had a different classification.  At the end of the unit each group taught the class about their animal classification. The class had 5 stations about their animal classification.  

Same mini booklets!  They used the same mini booklets, however, they only read the one they would be presenting.  Instead of doing the recording booklets she used pamphlets! 

The pamphlets were great for her class since they were only doing one classification.  Still text dependent questions!  

This activity was a web quest!  Each child researched, on the computers, about their animal classification.  QR codes optional also a website given!  

This activity the student's categorized the animals by their classification.  Answers were provided for each group to check their work along with a recording sheet!

 This station every child worked on the same vocabulary words. They matched the words, recorded their findings, and then picked a vocabulary work to enhance their understanding of the words with the activity.  

This activity was an information writing station.  This was teacher led.  She introduced her kids to introductions and conclusions.  Each group was able to use their research for their informational writing papers!  They were very excited to write about what they just looked up on the computers! 

When they were finished they created a lap book out of a file folder and then they presented! 

Both classes did had a great experience with this bundle!  We would still like to add a QR code scoot game to the package!  

Check out the full package on our TPT store  or check out the freebiee to see what you like! 

A little addition we both used to start out the unit was a quick video!  It gets kids pumped for the unit!!


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