Five for Friday

23 April 2016

It is getting to be that time of year!  Things are getting busy and we are wrapping things up!  

This time of year teacher are wearing down. I listened to "Move Your Bus" by Ron Clark.  I literally listened to the entire book in one night! It was so good and so inspirational I just could not stop!  Great book for this time of year to light a fire under me!

In the classroom we did a few exciting activities!  We made Dirt pudding for Earth Day! This was great for practicing reading a recipe!  I got the idea to incorporate main idea as well from The Friendly Teacher!  
We also did a community building activity for Earth Day!  We made a collage out of old newspaper and magazines! As a class we made the Earth!  Turned out Great!
We used my Earth Day Close read and the activities!  We were Writing, Listening to Reading and we also used this GREAT video to get the kids excited about Earth Day and a little back ground!

Lastly, I made Multiplication flap books to go along with my multiplication fluency package!  We were having a really tough time passing and mastering our multiplication facts SOOO we started practicing and heres what we did! We made flip books.  Everyone get flip books for the level they were on.  Then for just about 5 minutes to wrap up math everyone would get out their flip book.  They find a partner and sit back to back.  They would exchange their flip books. One person ask a multiplication fact from their partner's flip book. If the partner doesn't know gently remind them and then the other person goes!  Then I say switch after about a minute and they find a new partner. They absolutely loved this!!

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  1. I've been meaning to read Move Your Bus...thank you for the reminder! I've only heard great things!


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