Technology Tuesday; Kahoot

26 April 2016

This is not an app!  It actually can be used on ANY device for ANY subject because it is an internet site! Very easy to use and kid friendly as well!  With all things I like to keep my kiddos on their toes and mix it up!

First thing is first.  Make a kahoot to align with your current skills you are teaching.  Go to creat.kahoot.  You will have to have a username and password for the site ( just like every site or app we use #notonemorepassoword!) It is free!  Once you have a username and password your main page will look like this. 

From this page you will 

You have three options of layouts. You can make a quiz, discussion, or a survey.  I mostly use the quiz kahoots however, the discussion are great for leading books discussions or topics especially for older children.  Surveys are great to be used when graphing and taking polls!
Today we are going to walk through how to create a quiz. Begin by clicking quiz! You will be asked to give your quiz a name and then brought the next page. 

From here you can save, add as many questions as you wish, videos, and more!

Pretty easy!  The best part is the ending! When yo have complete your Kahoot press save and continue.

I love that you can share your kahoot with your colleagues!  We like to take turns making kahoots! :)

Now you're ready to play with your class! You need to be on the screen above and click play now.  You must have this screen up the entire time you are playing.  Once you hit play now you will choose team playing to have multiple students to one device or one to one. We have done both and love either!  Next your will press play now then ....

Your teams or your one to one players will open an internet borrower and go to Here it will look like this and they will enter the class code you have on your screen.

As players enter the game their names will appear on your screen. Once you see everyone is logged on press start!  This game is amazing for a quick assessment and gives you a graph of correct answers and incorrect answers by each student! 

You can download a chart of your student answers by clicking your profile, my results and then download!  This is an amazing way to review for a test or to mix up a boring worksheet with a fun game!  Again you DO NOT have to be one to one or even have iPads! This can be played with teams and on any device with internet access!  If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me and I can help you! 


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