Technology Tuesday; Pic Collage

11 April 2016

Welcome back or welcome to my Technology Tuesday series! Every Tuesday I am going to blog about one piece of technology I use in my classroom.  To give you a little background I am VERY passionate about integrating technology into almost every lesson!  In my third grade classroom we ARE NOT one to one.  Therefore, these tips, tricks, and apps are great for a classroom who is not one to one or for the classroom that is.  All of the apps I use are FREE!  Let’s be real ain’t nobody got that kinda money to be buying all kinds of apps. This week’s Technology Tuesday is about my most favorite app; pic collage.  You can incorporate pic collage in any lesson! 

First, I will give you a small tutorial how to use pic collage.  Then I will show you a few lessons how we incorporate pic collage in our lessons!  Let me just reiterate you literally can use pic collage in any lesson!   If you are lacking the technology  in your classroom make it a center, do it in groups, or make it a small group activity! 

Okay how do you use this app?  Very easy to use to write text or post picture on!
When you open pic collage the first page will look like this:

You have a few options at this point!

Lets start from scratch. If you click on start from scratch this the the page you will get next.

This is what the buttons mean!

 When you add to your page these are your options!

Okay so lets say you want to add a text! You will touch text and this screen will appear.

When you touch the check mark your text will appear in the middle of your screen. Use your thumb and your pointer finger to make the font bigger.  Use your  pointer finger to move the text where you would like it! Photos can also be resized this way and moved this way!

Okay now that you have a good basis of the app lets see what you  can do with it!  You can literally use this app for ANYTHING.  I mean ANYTHING!  Here are a few ideas: 

Here are a list of activities to use pic collage with:
1. Main idea and details
2. Comparing and Contrasting
3. Fact and Opinion
4. Timelines
5. Summary
6. Character, setting, and plot
7. Beginning, middle, and end
8. Cause and Effect
9. Comic strips
10. Reflecting on a lesson
11. Sequencing
12. Character traits
13. Text evidence 
14. Adjectives vs. nouns
15. Contractions vs. Two words
16. Noun vs. Verb
17. Verb word with picture
18. Pronoun with picture
19. Vocab words with pictures
20. Fact families
21. Comparing different graphs
22. Area and perimeter (take a picture of a figure- Type the answer)
23. Telling time ( take a picture of a clock and type the time)
24. Multiplication and division (Show grouping with pictures) 

You literally can do anything with pic collage.  Using this app in your classroom you are able to mix things up and still have a content based activity! Your kids will be begging you for more math on the pic collage! 

One more small tidbit- You can not copy and paste onto pic collage so here is a solution for you! 
1. screen shot the picture you would like to add to pic collage.  Go back to pic collage and click add a photo. Click on your photo you would like.  Then trouble click on your photo.  It will look like this.

Click the check mark again when you see what you like and.....

Again you can use pic collage in SOOO many different ways. SOO many different ages as well.  You don't have to be one to one either!  Pic collage is a free engaging app to accommodate any lesson!

If you use pic collage in your classroom how do you use it?  Comment and give me feedback on what works well in your classroom!


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