How do you keep your students engaged in the summer?

23 May 2016

I think this is a battle we fight every year.  We have worked so hard to teach the skills and we have just about got it and now its summer!  How do you encourage children to keep reading and working in the summer so they do no loose what they just learned!?

I was very excited to give my kiddos their end of the year gift!  We bought small totes from The Dollar Tree (only $1!-woop woop) With  Puffy paint we painted their names on their bags.  They turned out super cute!

Inside the bag was filled with LOTS of activities for the summer as well as memories of our year.
I recently just created a summer skills packet for my kiddos!  It is great!  All year we have been practicing and using the Daily Five's Cafe Menu.  We have been using the lingo and my kiddos are using the language in their daily lives.  Why stop now!  This packet is aligned to the Cafe menu!  

Here's how:
The packet has a completed cafe menu to refer to while completing the packet.  Included is also a black cafe menu.  As the child completes the packet there are cafe menu strategies on the bottom of the page.  When they use a strategy they will cut and paste the strategy to the the blank cafe menu! 

The summer packet does not stop there!  In this 60 page packet there is math, grammar, writing, poetry, and QR codes for books.  Full of engaging and fun activities! 

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We made an end of the year lapbok that I blogged about before. I wanted to keep it until the last day so I knew it stayed nice!  It also bulked up my bags :) 

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Our third graders go to the middle school in fourth grade (Crazy right!?) Since we no longer see them throughout the school everyday- our principle (Who is by far the best principle you will ever have!!) buys each third grader a Dr. Suess book "Ohh The Places You Will Go.  Inside the book we write a nice message.  The principle writes a message too!!  The kids really enjoy getting their books every year! 

The principle also encourages every child to read during the summer by giving out a reading bingo sheet.  At the beginning of the school year if the child brings in to bingo sheet completed they get a treat!  (Always a good incentive!)

I always like capturing their favorite things at the time!  I love getting a picture and typing in their favorite things!  I stole this Idea from my Little Kinder Warriors and it turing out GREAT!!

Last but not least free math lessons!  I sent home in their packets a flyer that gives each child the ability to receive FREE math lessons over the summer!  Now the kicker is they are emailed therefore they have to have a computer and an email address. However, It is still awesome!  Free lessons, games, and activities are sent to these kids daily just for signing up!  No Fee and no work from you as the teacher! 

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I finished up the totes with a few pieces of candy, a pencil, and a bookmark! The kids loved them and I left each and every child with things to read and recourses to use! 


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