Play Clue with any Skill!

12 May 2016

We are near the end of school and if I am not dancing, singing, or passing out food my kiddos are paying absolutely no attention to me.  My sister and I teamed up to find a game that was engaging, hands on, and educational!  We are playing clue!  

We have played a few time now practicing different skills!  The first game of clue has an animal classification theme.  

The package has clues and a mystery.  

How to set up:
Every child gets a booklet with the mystery and the list of rooms, weapons, and suspects. The booklet also includes a note section.  As for the clues you need to go place the clue at the designated spot.  Clues lead the students to the principles, nurse, library, cafeteria, gym, and back to the classroom. The clues tell you where to go and what to mark of in your booklet.  By last clue your students should have a good idea of the answers!  Then in a top secret envelope pull out the answers once everyone as written their guesses! 

Find the package at our TpT Store!

To incorporate a little math practice I made things a little more interesting.  

This time the theme is school staff!  The mystery of the missing copier! This time the math problems will be set where the clue tells the student to go. For example Clue number on says go to the principles office.  The student will go to the principles office and pick up the area and perimeter problem.  When they finish the problem correctly they can have the next clue to find the next problem!  

They kids absolutely love it and work so hard!

I set up shop and watch the magic happen! Once they give me a completed problem I check it and then give them the next clue to find the next problem!  

We absolutely love to play clue in our class!  It gets the kiddos up and moving and practicing their math skills!  You can find the area and perimeter clue at our tpt store.  

More clue and different math skills coming soon! 


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