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02 May 2016
It is teacher appreciation week!!  May 3rd & May 4th TPT will be having a site wide sale! Take this opportunity to stock up on all those wish listed items!  My top wish listed items on my site are......

This product is great for Read Across America week!  Lexiled passages perfect for guided reading time!

Fast and slow changes to the Earth -Cause and effect!  This product has 5 passages with text evidence questions along with an activity and a cut and paste worksheet to follow the activity!  

Visit our TPT store to get this recourse for teaching fast and slow changes to the earth with cause and effect! 

This is a very popular resource in my store! Multiplication fluency checks!  These are one minute test on multiplication facts! This product has 16 levels of multiplication facts.  It also come with a recording page so you can keep track where each of your kiddos are.  A new addition to the product is the practice flip book!

I keep one file folder full of the entire fluency set. Right before I eat lunch every day I write go through to see who is on each lesson. At the end of the day I see who passed and I hand out new practice flip books. 
If we have time we practice together! I have each child sit back to back and switch flip books. Then one person will ask their partner a multiplication fact from their flip book.  They go back and forth until I say switch and then they find a new partner! Great activity for when you have five minutes!
Check out our TPT store to get the product!!

To see more great wish listed products head back to Teaching in Tongass 


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