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20 June 2016

2 great products for only 2 dollars! That's right I said 2 DOLLARS!!

These landform books are awesome!!  There are 5 booklets.  1. deserts 2. mountains 3. island 4. oceans 5. volcanoes 

Booklets come with corresponding text dependent questions then a writing prompt!!

Great for group work!  In my classroom we split into five groups.  Each group read one landform a day and answered the questions.  The next day we switched and moved onto a new landform! 

Get this product for 2 dollars HERE!!! 

The next product for 2 dollars, that's right I said 2 DOLLARS, is a summer skills packet!  OVER 60 PAGES!  It is also aligned to the Daily Five CAFE Menu.  Great review for kiddos over the summer! My kiddos love using the Daily Five Lingo and couldn't wait to get started on their packet and bring it back the next year! 

Only 2 DOLLARS!! Can't pass these deals up! Get this packet now at my TPT store!!

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