Teacher Throwback Thursday

23 June 2016

One of the best parts about having a blog is reflecting on your teaching!  That's what this linky is all about!  We are reflecting on some GREAT lessons we have had.  

A new skill, that is highly tested on state tests, is comparing and contrasting two texts.  This is one of the hardest thing to teach in third grade.  In February my class was ready to hit this skill hard.  We of course practiced this skill previously. However, February hit and we were ready to set them loose.  

That's when I made .....

Four weeks of comparing and contrasting texts!  All February related including fiction and nonfiction texts!  Each week includes 

The kiddos looked forward to the texts each week and I saw a TON of progress!!! More of these text to come!! Be sure to follow us to catch them!!

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Be sure to head back to Creative Teacher Resources for more ideas and flashbacks!!


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