3 reasons why you should have a class Instagram

17 July 2016

 Having a classroom Instagram is such a powerful tool for a multitude of reasons!  In my classroom we have an "Instagrammer" of the day.  (I have heard of people having "Instagrammer" of the week). In the beginning of the year I teach the first child how to use Instagram. I also show this video to my kiddos.  It briefly describes how to use Instagram.  

Once I have shown the video and taught the first child how to use the account my job is COMPLETE!  Students take full responsibility at this point.  The next day , or the next week, the previous child helps the new child until he or she feels comfortable!

A class Instagram account builds classroom community!  Once you teach the first student how to use the account, that child teaches the next student!  This makes students feel accountable for understanding and using the account appropriately.  

Students also are searching, throughout the day, for other students who are working successfully and making progress! Students make a caption that trumps on what students in the classroom are doing.  Student later can see these posts and feel a sense of empowerment and also feel supported by classmates!

Having a class Instagram is another way to get parents involved!  With our class Instagram we do not follow anyone. (This way I do not have to mandate appropriate posts)  However other people can follow us- such as parents!  Parents are able to comment, like, and see inside the classroom ALL DAY LONG!  What is better than that! -Also when a child is "Instagrammer" of the day or week that child is about 95% likely to beg their parents to look on the Instagram account that day or at the end of the day outside of class! #buildingrelationships #startingconverstaions 

Having a classroom Instagram brings in technology at it's finest!  Student are learning how to use and app that requires taking pictures, uploading a picture, editing a picture, and adding a caption!  Now we are incorporating writing as well!!  

I hope you are reading to start a class Instagram account and follow us @schrage22


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