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15 August 2016

After 2 weeks of LONGGGGGG hours and much needed help from Jessica (the other half of Red Sister Squad) and my grandma, we are finally ready for my kiddos to come on Tuesday!  Last year I taught third grade and introduced flexible seating into my classroom in January. I absolutely loved it!!  Of course I wanted to do it this year from the start!  Well I happened to move districts this year.  When my classroom was set up as flexible seating the administration was nervous of parent reactions.  Flexible seating is a new concept at this district therefore as a team we are deciding to hold off on flexible seating until after quarter 1. (hopefully :)).  I am still going to implement the ideas and producers of flexible seating from day one, however, every child will have a desk if need be.  The following pictures are of what my classroom will look like after quarter one.  I end with a picture of how I am starting the school year! 

When you walk in the classroom you immediately are greeted with the objectives board and the password portal! Want to know more about what the password portal is??  Visit my blog post about it and get a freebiee!! 
The objectives are also on the board for easy everyday changing!! These will be in my TPT store soon, however, are not quite up yet!
You also see me easy managing finger communication buttons.  Especially with flexible seating I love these hand signals to easily let me know what you need without moving or talking! 
On top of the objectives board is the alphabet! You can get this here!
Then you run into my small group table where I meet with my small groups and my desk area. 

Lets move to those BEAUTIFUL countertop with AMAZING curtains to hide our art boxes!  My grandma made these curtains and they work perfectly! Need curtains similar to these let me know and I will hire my grandma out :).. Just kidding grandma!  But the curtains turned out amazing and really add some character to our room!

We made a large countertop to hold our daily five book bins where the kiddos keep all of there things. Even though we have desks in our room we do not put anything in them!  Every thing is kept in our daily five book bins.  On the bottom of the counter we hold our art boxes.  Of course our daily five book bins are labeled with names or numbers.  I decided to customize a little more and add a look a like melonhead!  -Can't wait for the kiddos to see their look a like!

At the end of the countertop is a little nook for kiddos to work.  

Kiddos can sit in the bag chair, egg chair, cushions, or sit at the table. 

Next to the nook is 4 regular desks. Two desks have yoga balls and two desks have regular chairs. 
Next stop computer station.  

Lunch menu is next to the computer because students place their lunch options online. 
Above the computers is a huge bulletin board used for CAFE, Genres where will will keep track of the books we read, math centers, and "We make a difference" bulletin board which is going to be our first week activity so stay tuned! 

You can get the genre posters here!.. or different colors here. 

Finally we come to the library!!  This was Jessica's project and she did amazing!!!! 

We realized I have 10000000000 books. SO sorting and putting all of the books in categories was a tricky task. It literally took 2 weeks!  
We made another countertop at the end of the computers to hold books and hide more not so pretty things. 

On the side of the library is the marzano scale! You can find this here with lots of different colors! 

In the middle of the classroom we have storage bins for community supplies! 

Then we have another little nook for kiddos to sit in the bag chair or use pillows and blankets!
On the closet door we have our classroom jobs.  I am very passionate that the classroom is not run by just me.  EVERYONE has a job!!  Get the jobs here in many colors! 

On the door we have our birthdays!  We are waiting to take pictures of the kiddos to add to the door. 
Right by the door are flexible seating pamphlets for easy grabbing when ANYONE has a question.  These are editable from Just a Primary Girl.   

On their lockers I placed their names with their look a like again :)

After we set up our perfect flexible seating classroom we had to put in desks for everyone.  No biggy!! we just shoved them in!! (Hopefully we can get rid of them after first quarter :))

Our first day of school starts on Tuesday.  Follow us on our flexible seating blog series!! 


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