Hand up, Stand up, Pair up- The fun way to teach vocabulary

30 August 2016

Hand up, Stand up , Pair up is one of my most favorite activities to do in the classroom!  You can do this game with ANY skill!  We play with math facts, vocabulary, grammar, and spelling words!  The best part is it is totally FREE, EASY to prep, QUICK activity, and EVERYONE is engaged!

Before playing you (the teacher) need to prep enough cars for everyone. For example, in the video below, we played hand up, stand up, pair up with our social studies vocabulary words.  We had 7 different words.  I made enough cards for everyone to have a vocabulary word.  The card needs to have the question and the answer.  YES, it is okay if there are multiple.  Because I only had 7 different vocabulary words and 22 students there were about 3 of each word. 

Once you have the cards prepped, sometimes I even write them on post its or notecards, you can do two options.  One begin playing.  Two make up gestures or non-verbal signals as #Miss5th calls it. 

With our vocabulary words we come up with different gestures to help us remember the words.  While we are playing the game they are to do the gestures as well.  

Rules to the game: 

Give everyone a card. (the card as the problem and the answer or the vocabulary word and the definition.  Everyone finds a person.  Partner A says the word that partner A is holding (or the problem.) Player B says the definition to the word partner A is holding(or the answer) with the gesture.  If partner B is correct, Partner A says good job.  If partner B is incorrect, Partner A politely says try again here is the gesture.  

If partner B gets it correct, It is partner B's turn to give partner A the word in their hand.  Partner A then answers.  If partner A is correct they two partners high five, switch cards, and put their hand up.  If partner A is incorrect partner B politely says try again and gives them the gesture.  

If partner A is correct they high five, switch cards, and put their hands up.  Now both partners are looking for other friends with their hands up to repeat the process. Because they switch cards they are able to go to any friend who has their hand up.  Even if they have already been to that person.  They switched cards so the cards are never the same.  

This game is GREAT because the kids love it and EVERY single person is engaged.  The game only takes abut 10 minutes and they get to about every vocabulary word several times!  

Here is a video of how we do it in our class.  


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