The 3 best websites you have to use in your classroom now!

01 October 2016

This week I have ran into three websites you have to be using in your classroom TODAY!!  They are all FREE to use!
This year I moved districts and we use chrome books instead of iPads like I was used to from previous years.  SOOO I have been on the hunt of great websites that could replace my amazing apps that I have had in the past!  is AMAZING! In previous years we have used pic collage for numerous lessons!  Canva is very similar.  The best part is that students can access their canva at home as well!  My students this year, finish canva projects up  at home.  They also like to make great canva projects at home!!  We use canva do write poems, grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary!  use to be an app only.  NOW they have a website version. This site is great because you can make lessons and assign them to students.  Students do not need their own accounts just a code to the assignment! The best part is you can see what students are doing on your device!  For example, if a students is working on a problem and you see an error on your device, you can circle, write a note, draw arrows on your device and it immediately comes on the individuals assignment!  This allows for less distractions and great for motivating!! is a brand new site to me!  Very similar to Kahoot, however, it is even better! Quiziz allows educators to write quizzes and test without time limits.  Students work at their own pace in order to complete a quiz.  I love Kahoot but some of my slow working kids did not!  Well, we have found a way to get the same results and make them happy with working at their own pace.  Let us know how you use these sites!!


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